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When choosing a Home Inspector, here are some things to consider.

Derek Haller from Proven Inspections

A Home Inspector that has invested time and finances in his Profession to be the Best for you his clients. It is about you and your Home!

Derek Haller is the only one that will inspect your home and is the owner/stakeholder of his company. He has lived most of his life in the Pacific/Inland Northwest, in the States of Washington and Idaho. He has more than 10 years’ experience in the construction world while assisting with projects and managing properties in the family Real Estate Investment business. He has been trained and certified proficient in Home Inspections through the industry-respected organization American Home Inspection Training (AHIT). Derek has also taken the time to excel and pass the stringent proctored exam, the Washington State Licensing exam for Home Inspectors, passing the test on the first attempt. His license number is #2477. He also passed the National Certification Test, on his first attempt. Many don’t even take the test, or take multiple attempts to pass. Unfortunately, Idaho doesn’t require state licensing, so BE CAREFUL!!! Derek also brings his Standards of Practice required in the State of Washington to the homes he inspects in Idaho. He also carries Errors and Omissions and general liability insurance for his business that exceeds industry standards. Again, BE CAREFUL, many “Inspectors” do not carry any insurance. Derek is committed to continually refining and improving his craft as new technologies emerge both within his profession as well as the changes in new homes being built today, and new home improvement technologies.

Trustworthy – Knowledgeable – Efficient – Approachable - Affordable

He guarantees a Home Inspection that is both thorough, comprehensive, and transparent.

He highly recommends that the buyer/seller or their Realtor attend the home inspection in person.

He offers flexible scheduling to meet your scheduling demands.

His reports are highly detailed and include color photos as well as Code Check diagrams that clearly explain any deficiency that may be uncovered.

He inspects all types of homes. New Homes, Old Homes, New Construction, Duplexes, Fourplexes, Townhomes, Condos, Investment properties, as well as Partial Inspections for home builders, house flippers, and others.

Flexible – Convenient – Informed – Connected – Client Needs Based

Types of Home Inspections:

Proven Pre-Inspections

Proven Pre-Inspections for Home Owners as well as Listing Agents – Assists in identifying potential deficiencies, or conversely a clean slate proven by pre-inspection prior to listing the property for sale on the MLS. Why spend all the energy, time, and money preparing, listing, marketing, and advertising, obtaining an offer to only have the deal blow up when the home inspector shows up post offer during the contingency period, and then the very uncomfortable, possible deal breaking uncovering of a major defect such as a roof needing to be replaced being determined? It does happen all too regularly in Real Estate transactions. Let’s work together to present a solid product, priced right, with a Proven Pre-Inspection completed before going to market with your home.

Proven Buyers’ Inspections

Proven Buyers’ Inspections for Home Owners and Buyers’ Agents – Assists in identifying deficiencies post offer acceptance and during the contingency period. Often clients want to know if the home passes or fails inspection. Actually, there is no passing or failing. As with all Proven Comprehensive Home Inspections, Derek will take a thorough look at the physical systems and main components of the home, and examine each area for soundness and determine the level of deficiency, if any.

What are some of the most common home inspection deficiencies?

  • HVAC Problems
  • Faulty Wiring/electrical issues
  • Poor Grading/drainage issues
  • Cosmetic Wear and tear
  • Roof and gutter issues
  • Inadequate ventilation or insulation
  • Dampness/Mold/Mildew
  • Plumbing issues
Proven Pre-Offer Buyers’ Verbal Consultation

No Charge for any Buyer or potential Buyer after a Proven Pre-Inspection has been completed and paid for in advance of closing. Derek will attend your Open Houses for consultation with potential Buyers. This is a tremendous benefit to Sellers and Buyers and their respective Agents to work together to the completion of the sales process in an open and transparent manner. Scheduling is required, and Derek is available on a first come first served basis.

Proven Re-Inspections

Proven Re-Inspections - to evaluate repairs completed. If a major defect has previously been identified through a previous comprehensive Proven Inspection, Derek will complete a partial inspection of the repaired defect to assure home owner that the work has been completed and verified by an objective third party. The re-inspection helps to alleviate any concerns that the work was completed to current code and standards of practice. Derek will do a telephone consultation with the contractor of your choice at the commencement of the work, if requested, to assure the contractor understands the deficiency being repaired and to allow for transparency of communication so the repair is fixed right the 1st time. The re-inspection verifies the work was done properly. Additional fee applies.

Proven One-Year Warranty Home Inspection

Proven One-Year Warranty Home Inspection – is a comprehensive Home Inspection evaluating the home’s systems for home owners that have purchased a new home and have their one-year warranty coming to a close. There is more of an urgency on this inspection as your warranty may be expiring soon. This is very in-expensive insurance for your very large home investment. Derek recommends having this completed in months 8 to 10 of your home ownership by a 3rd Party, Proven Inspections, to determine if there are any deficiencies that have been uncovered in the first year that need attention. Contractors and their sub-contractors are human. Mistakes do happen. Don’t let your warranty run out before detecting a major defect in your home.

Side Note: One of Derek’s first inspections was completed on a brand new home, 10 months old, in which he uncovered literally thousands of dollars of repairs being needed simply because of a faulty rain gutter installation causing significant water damage to the side of their new home. The contractor was needlessly to say embarrassed and was very happy to take care of the repairs. Most contractors will take care of warranty deficiencies without any hassle. However, if the deficiency isn’t uncovered for 5 years or longer, there could be a different outcome, with added problems such as mold. Let’s face it, we’re all busy doing what we do and often times don’t have the time or the expertise to look for deficiencies in our homes. It makes strong financial sense to have a professional like Derek help you maintain your investment.

Proven Maintenance Home Inspection

Similar to a warranty inspection, Is a comprehensive Home Inspection for home owners that want to evaluate the systems of their home to determine maintenance needs in keeping their homes in top condition. This inspection also allows the home owner to plan for high cost deficiencies that may be indicated on the report as needing attention but perhaps within 5 years. For example, a homeowner can save up for a roof that is nearing the end of its life expectancy over the next five years and not blindside you when you see drips of water coming from your ceiling in 5 years.

Proven Partial Inspection

Proven Partial Inspection – is an inspection geared towards the homeowner, home builder/renovator, or house flipper seeking to have a specific component or just a few components of the home’s systems evaluated, instead of a full comprehensive inspection. Derek is willing to offer these inspections on a case by case basis. Each situation is unique as to the reasons for not completing a comprehensive full inspection. Perhaps as a homeowner that just had a new roof installed, you may want to have a 3rd party, Proven Inspections, verify that the work was completed properly. Or, conversely, as the roofing contractor, you may want to have your crew’s installations verified by a 3rd party, Proven Inspections, for the peace of mind of the homeowner and the roofing Contractor. Derek wants to remain flexible, reasonable and affordable for his clients. Perhaps a partial inspection makes sense for your particular circumstances. Derek will work with you to achieve your inspection goals.

Active Radon Testing

Active Radon Testing – is a test completed to measure Radon levels within your home. The Environmental Protection Agency created the National Radon Proficiency Program to certify Radon Technicians to be able to perform in the field tests. Derek is a Nationally Licensed Radon Technician, this allows him to conduct tests and issue results within 48 hours. His testing device is EPA and NRPP Approved, guaranteeing accurate results, ensuring the safety of the home owner. Derek wants to apply the flexible, reasonable, and affordable philosophy to Radon Testing as well. Scheduling Radon Tests at time of Home Inspections guarantees you a discount on the active monitor radon test.

Do you have unanswered questions? Or are you ready to schedule your inspection? Either way, I look forward to hearing from you.